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More Energy
Less Stress

Instantly, Guaranteed

Instantly Upregulate Health, Energy, Function with Life Armor Enhanced Products

Resolve symptoms of bioenergetic
blockage or deficiency from
injury, illness and aging

High Performance Aging

Immediate Measurable Results!

Gary Leffew, Retired World Champ Bull Rider

Wearing Life Armor Accessories. 5 minute results

Biologic Change
Success Rate

*Biological Age Results

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*Biological Age Results

New Arrivals

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our latest Life Armor “Enhanced” products!  Each carefully selected to bring you the latest in style, innovation, energy resources and protection.

Customer Experiences:

Real Science, Real People Real Results!

*Featured Family

Arterial elasticity score went from 69 to 88, a major improvement in risk for future cardiovascular event, in just 14 minutes.

Dr. Kelly Miller

Author, Speaker, Health Coach

Every single time they [her fighters] kicked 6 inches higher when I let them hold the patch.

Kathy Long

5x Kickboxing Champion, Actress

I am sleeping 1000000% better than I have been, and I also started dreaming again!


Life Armor User

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life Armor?

Life Armor is the name of our company and also the name of our exclusive DNA Bioenergetic technology.

What is Life Armor Technology?

After years of research and divine intervention, we identified the mathematical formulation of “information”, emanating from the vibration of thriving, healthy human DNA. We now leverage quantum physics technology to deliver that information to you, in support of your health, through your sensory receptors for light, sound, reverberation, smell and your bio energetic field (NIH BioField).


Does Life Armor Work?

Life Armor enhanced products provide instant support to the body’s bio energetic resources. How the body best utilizes the additional resources is unique to each individuals’ deficiencies and requirements. We make no health claims, member success stories speak for themselves.

Is Life Armor A Frequency or A Wave?

Life Armor, is not a wave or frequency in and of itself, as waves and frequencies are merely carriers of information, it’s the Thriving DNA information that matters, not the carrier of said information. Life Armor Bio Identical DNA Information is completely different from any other kind of “Frequency” or “Energy” product in design, function and scope of delivery options.

Is Life Armor Safe?

Life Armor is proven for safety and efficacy over a 30 year period in Japan, where it was first brought to market due to cultural understanding of energy medicine. Now available for the first time in North America where it was discovered.


What Kind of Company is Life Armor?

Life Armor is a Private Membership Association (PMA). We operate by charter in the private. This allows our members to share their incredible results with others, without worrying about cancel culture or having free speech infringed upon. Members may participate in discounts, commissions, association profits and tax advantages.

How much does It cost to be a member?

Life Armor Membership is $99 per month, and you can cancel at any time. (Two months free if paid annual in advance.) Member benefits greatly outweigh costs of membership participation.


Can I make money with Life Armor?

YES! It’s our goal to provide products, a platform and support to help you monetize your mission for health, freedom and prosperity.

Join our Practitioner Program

Our PMA is
launching soon

You are invited to participate in our pre-release evaluation. We are seeking your help to identify outcomes and potential new applications utilizing our exclusive BioEnergetic technologies

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